When don't I need a Licence?

Written by Neil McLeod

You must have the relevant high risk work (HRW) licence, unless:

  • the work is carried out while enrolled with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) completing training  for the relevant licence class and you are being supervised by a HRW licensed person
  • you have applied for the licence and are waiting for a decision on your application
  • the work is carried out at the workplace solely for the manufacture, testing, trialing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, servicing, repair, alteration, demolition or disposal of the plant or moving the plant within the workplace and the plant is operated or used without a load except when standard weight loads with predetermined fixing points are used for calibration of the plant
  • you are setting up or dismantling a crane or hoist and you hold the appropriate rigging licence
  • you are carrying our work with a heritage boiler.

Licences no longer required:

Discontinued licences that were previously issued by Workplace Health and Safety are:

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What licence do I need to operate a Telehandler?

Written by Neil McLeod

Telehandler / Manitou

The licensing requirements for a Telehandler differ depending on the attachments and the capacity of the plant.

A telehandler, otherwise know as a teleporter, or boom lift, is a machine widely used in agriculture and a range of industry.

Telehandler ticket will give you the skills to operate a telescopic handler or ‘telehandler’ and its attachments in a range of heavy lifting machine operator jobs.

Who needs a Telehandler Licence?

Telehandler operators use this versatile machinery for lifting and carrying materials in a range of industries including construction & infrastructure, mining/resources, transport & logistics and agriculture.

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